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Net Neutrality, Moses Supposes & My Comment(s) Intent

Posted on September 1, 2010
My response in the comments section of a current blog (Aug/2010) on "NET NEUTRALITY FOR MUSICIANS" written and hosted by Moses Avalon was one solution based on a hypothesis, as to controlling content on the internet, its delivery, user freedoms and P2P liabilities by shifting "the powers that be" to another *benevolent* party who have the intentions to uphold the intellectual property rights of their clients while running a business of investment and monetary growth in their relative markets.
(article at: The Future of Music: Moses Supposes; August 2010)

As a singer songwriter utilizing US copyright law, publishing and posting my work on our band web page along with selling song singles and albums worldwide through our distributor at many digital music sites *there is and has been the fear of people stealing our intellectual property. For promotions we have in the past, and continue to offer free downloads from our bands website. With no money for advertising worldwide, this promotion idea has helped us build sales and awareness of our songs. As an internet *content creator* -I feel it necessary to make known my concerns over certain issues brought to light such as the one for mentioned blog article.

My Comments intent on the Blog refer to: Competition bringing balance to the existing Search Engine/ISP companies per the questions/discussions of the current legal struggles on content control and responsible stewardship...

**What is missing was my heading, "Building An "Honest" Internet Marketplace, In The First Person"... it didn't make the comment "upload box", my apology. Business transactions and negotiations mentioned are fictitious and represent a hypothetical solution to the future problem solving of digital delivery of content in the internet marketplace through competition and fairness. I am not in negotiations with China's largest search engine Baidu.

Chris Baumgart
Singer, Songwriter