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Politics & Religion vs Sugar & Lennon

Posted on September 12, 2014
Music for the most part has become a staple in social expression and also often
a type of "glue" that holds us together emotionally. We make music because we love creating. I write lyrics that compliment the feeling of the music, its rhythm, its spirit...

I am often tempted to use our songs and shows as a type of pulpit. A kind of soapbox to get up on and let loose speaking out on issues of politics, religion or other related social malfeasance. Looking back at times in History when music became commentary on issues was a great time. I believe it still is. You can win fans or lose them. And I would love to win you all. But just like music, opinions are subjective and more than likely met with the views of you and others with prejudice.

As an early fan of the late great songwriter and musician John Lennon, I now see that John Lennon really didn't know much about the principle of Love and its inherent attributes to overcome the hate, anger and madness of the times he lived in and even unto today as we celebrate the memory of his social contributions. As Lennon, we all unfortunately cling to our own idea, or recipe...our own perceptions of what "love" really means and how a society nurtures it in the best interest of all.

Just a fact: "FAIL" is the current modus operandi, or method of operating. (The term is used to describe someone's habits or manner of working, their method of operating or functioning.)

In business, politics or religion serving self VERSES serving others in the best interest of all parties IS our demise as a world community. The teachings of Darwin verses the teachings of Jesus Christ. Exercising these principles of reasoning is followed through by our actions. Its obvious, at least to me, which train of thought is winning. Much is becoming 'Survival of the Fittest'. Completely opposite from what John Lennon, at least in Spirit, expressed and dreamed about when he was alive.
John Lennon made us pay attention to the word LOVE. Putting it into practice still seems quite the feat.

Christ teaches; Love thy neighbor as thyself. It seems so simple. Why do we find this so hard to do?

Christopher Baumgart
singer, songwriter