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Happy Music New Year! - January 4, 2016

The Sonic Sugar Band is streaming world wide! Better yet... go to iTunes or to purchase the songs you're gonna love and will want to share them with your friends, or at parties, heck - blast it from your car stereo!

We, the band, thank you. Happy Music New Year!

FALL all over our Music! - October 11, 2015

Hey the words out! We're still rock'n in the world of music streaming... Folks around the globe have been giving Sonic Sugar - even the Black album "Seer" - a good listen. Don't be left out, every one loves a little electronica with their rock and roll!

SUMMER SALE!!! - August 4, 2015

Well, we'd all like to be sailing somewhere catching that ocean or lake breeze... As the Sonic Sugar Band takes some time off, we wanted to remind you that the Bands latest 3 song release, "Send In The Love" is only available as digital downloads. Other music can be ordered as CD's are available. I just checked and the CDBaby shelves are stocked!

NEW! AVAILABLE on iTUNES! - January 12, 2015

NEW! Both Sonic Sugar releases are available on iTunes. Follow this link to purchase these great new songs!

SEND IN THE LOVE! - October 14, 2013

Sonic Sugar releases a 3 song EP entitled "Send In The Love". It's fresh, it sounds exciting!

You can purchase the New Songs at,
So get over there and give it a listen. Soon to be available on, iTunes and many more digital retail sites. This album is set only for digital downloads. Sorry, CD's are not available at this time. The Mp3's sound great. Enjoy!

Chris, Jim, Ben and Jake.

E-Z AZ 123 ALBUM - October 1, 2013

Where can I Buy it?!

For starters, you can go to this link at CD Baby:
You can also purchase songs or the entire album at Amazon .com or iTunes. Other songs from
the Sonic Sugar album under their earlier band name; SEER, are still available worldwide.

Thank you-

Sonic Sugar

E-Z AZ 123 is Released Today - September 30, 2013

The Sonic Sugar band released their new album, E-Z AZ 123 world wide today, September 30th. It still may take a few weeks to settle into certain Digital Download Retailers around the globe, but the new Album will be there for you to purchase. The bands manager, Rich Meager says, "With all the non-hype surrounding the band, it's anyones guess how certain countries will be responding to the new release. We popped the cork on the champagne this morning and haven't stopped our celebration. We're overjoyed, elated that the music is finally out to fans! -oh and I might add, there's more great music soon to come... Cheers!"

The Great Delay or? - August 2, 2013

Hi All-

Well, better delayed than split - Sonic Sugar is still sweet... we regret the delay on our two projects coming out. Our manager
Rich Meager wanted to add, "In Belfast the only time anyone mentioned the word "delay" was when someone's "package" was to be delivered at a certain location at a certain time"... if you catch my drift, if you can read my "bang" - likewise, I know the boys here worked hard on bringing you, our fans, some great new music. So in the spirit of the fabulous dinner drink someone invented here in the states called, "the car bomb" (a shot of Jameson, Bailey's Irish cream, dropped into a pint of Guinness then chugged passionately) - better when the ladies drizzle it a bit down their dress... we are about to bang one out! -Now if we can get Jimmy Fonk out of his little fishing boat and into the studio before Jesus returns we'll be tacking those songs right up here (and on iTunes) *soon in the weeks to come!"

The Band confirms this. Cheers!

New Music Ahead - May 5, 2013

Thank you to all our fans that downloaded Sonic Sugar's freebies! - now the Band's getting ready to Drop 7 new songs.

NEW ALBUM RELEASES - March 26, 2013

Super-Fanatastic! - Let's begin the 2013 countdown to Sonic Sugar's New Album Release! Their new album is sure to challenge Major Label music offerings considering Chris Baumgart and Jim Fonk were the at forefront of establishing the 2nd Wave of Electro Rock back over a decade ago.

Very *LAST CALL* for the Free Downloads being offered at this website of "I'm Sorry" and "Cannonball Kisses", before the new album release... So please tell your family, tell your friends -

More Songs?! Yes. Sonic Sugar's Three Song Album Special due to release end of summer 2013-

It's DONE! the album... - December 17, 2012

It's DONE! the album... Sonic Sugar just handed their newly finished album off to their manager, Rich Meager. He took one look at it, and handed right back! So they have His Official Blessing and now he wants the Sonic Sugar boys to sell a million songs to keep him in beer money and valet parking... not to mention the pair of nylon stockings he buys for his mother every year around Christmas time... He would like to buy her two pair, the extra being a back-up 'cause she has a tendency to rip the first pair of stockings with her exceptionally long painted toe nails... Sonic Sugar will do their best!

The Boys will be wrangling up the finished album soon for digital and retail sales through iTunes and along with many more outlets around the globe... you'll be able to also purchase songs through Rumble Fish for licensing needs...

Off To The Mastering House We Go - November 4, 2012

Off to the Mastering House we go with the much anticipated album (to be blessed by the King of Ireland, Rich Meager)-! Chris has been working with the MicNic Design Studio in Milwaukee on the album cover... this album will be released early 2013.

OK - Where Are We? - August 20, 2012

Jim and Chris are closing in on the final mixes to their new album named:
"E-Z-AZ 1,2,3 - Sonic Sugar, is pressed to release this project early 2013, pending on Jim's dating schedule(?) - He was out fishing last weekend and caught two small northern pike. This is good news considering Wisconsin has been in a drought state since early June. Chris was off to the worlds 2nd largest Irish Fest held in Milwaukee each year with budding band manager, Rich Meager. Chris says, "Rich is hoping to mingle with some of his Belfast memories and catch some time with the set dancers" -I didn't know he could move his feet like that!"...

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