SoNiC SuGaR rocking into 2016: Singer, songwriter, Christopher Baumgart and Beat-Maker, Jimmy Fonk, are busy once again stirring the musical pot with more songs. **EZ Az 123** and **Send In The Love** are on the rise... With the Release of these two albums, they've picked some side projects working with other local artists. The boys have been talking with their manager Rich Meager about beginning another project sometime this year. Chris is also working on a teaching website called www.peoplebesaved.com - spreading the good news about life after death. Jim and Chris have been working together since the spring of 1999 putting out a project under the title; Seer / Sonic Sugar, in 2003. Distributed through CDBaby. Chris also chose to release and distribute his self titled album; Seer / Seer, from circa 1996 - both albums continue to generate plays and sales globally. A blend of songs from an early album and ones from the current project, were taken out and played live in clubs around southeastern Wisconsin with grand feedback from the attending audiences before heading back into the recording studio to work on other new material. In addition Sonic Sugar songs are being offered for licensing opportunities. Contact us directly. Thank you.