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  1. I'm Sorry-sample

From the recording I'm Sorry-sample

'all songs 2010 copyright


I believe in angels, devils too
The world here has ended, me ....with you

I believe in angels, the devil that makes three
The two upon my shoulders
And you there at my feet

Darkness has its strongholds, the tempter never quits
Your soul is soft and beautiful
What scales should never kiss

The angel strikes my calloused heart
With truth Ill shed this skin
I struggle here between the two
The devils whispers win....they win

Im taken the blame....I had nothing to gain
I feel so bad... and Im sorry for what Ive done-(*repeat)
I feel ashamed

The devil tells a story
The angel must undo
You read between the lies
And its there you find the truth

Lessons they are learned here
Regret will always stay
Im wiser now but lonely
Cause my angel...she flew away......she flew away

Im sorry...I feel ashamed...Im sorry...I take the blame...Im sorry...
I feel ashamed
Im taking the blame....I had nothing to gain, I feel so bad
...and Im sorry for what Ive done (*repeat)
Im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry for what Ive done...

2009 Copyright Baumgart/Fonk - Push Blade Music /ASCAP